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Leading in turbulent times

Published 20 July 2021

Leading in turbulent times webinar series

Webinar series


Join us as we explore diverse issues from digital supply chain transformation to mental health in the workplace in a series of webinars led by our professors. Discussing topics from leadership to strategy to team building, our experts share insights into how to survive and thrive in the current pandemic situation, as well as the implications this uncertainty carries across industries.

These complementary sessions are held live every second Friday at 11am CET on Zoom. They are then available on our website, accompanied by in-depth articles that explore the topics in greater detail and provide actionable steps you can take in your organizations.

At IMD, we take “Real learning. Real impact.” seriously. With our Leading in Turbulent Times offerings, you can join other senior executives in developing the tools required to succeed in 2021.

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Upcoming webinars

Sustainability as a brand growth engine

Many companies have incorporated sustainability into their purpose and brand, yet few are reaping the full benefits of their efforts. On 1 September, Professors Goutam Challagalla and Frédéric Dalsace will outline the best practices for integrating sustainability into your organization’s brand story. The webinar will also help you figure out how to prioritize the best strategy and to use sustainability as a driver for strategy change.

'A supply chain is as strong as its weakest link'

As we move towards a world of more constrained supply, companies will have to shift their focus to designing products and services around what is available. “We used to live in a McDonald’s world,” said Cordon, IMD Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management. In the future, firms instead will have to start acting like the chef of a local restaurant who selects seasonal produce and designs his menu accordingly.

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