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How to navigate your digital transformation, with IMD professor Oyku Isik

3 August 2022 in Management Cast

Oyku Isik discusses how to build digital resilience into business strategy, and what executives can do to secure their data...

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Öykü Işık, Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity at IMD, says the modern CEO needs to know how to protect their businesses on-and-offline. But how?
In a world of cyber threats, everyone needs a digital contingency plan; but in 2022, that doesn’t just mean building on your existing firewall. Backup, and recovery are key to success. When online attackers do come knocking you don’t want to be picking up the pieces for months.
As an IMD professor, Işık helps businesses to tackle cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital ethics challenges. In Episode 10 of ManagementCast she discusses how to build practical digital resilience into business strategy.

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